Childbearing delay new trend – Freeze your fertility

The cryopreservation of ovarian tissue obtained from young women in order to delay childbearing join to embryos cryopreserved (social freezing) is rising markedly. There are two kinds:

  1. for medical reasons, when a treatment – generally cancer therapy – can damage the woman’s fertility other
  2. social, when she wishes to delay childbearing*.

The first, we treated in another article (see HERE)

 Eighty-six children have been born worldwide to date using a cryopreserved ovarian tissue. The first pregnancy in animals using transplanted ovarian tissue occurred in 1999, and the first in humans took place 5 years later. The birth of the first child born in Germany after using cryopreserved ovarian tissue was published in 2012 (see HERE ).

Ethics approach

Our ethical assessment apart from consensus between patients and doctors and that it is implicitly objectifying the woman, by prompting her to make a decision that is masked with a good for her when, as already mentioned, this practice poses objective medical problems for the user, and also for her child, there are also other ethical aspects of a social and health management nature, such as the cost of these practices as well as possible problems of equity, as regards the possibility of access to them, which must be considered.

*Encouraging young women to postpone motherhood until they are older does not seem to be the most sensible thing to do, biologically speaking.


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