As the Supreme Court is being asked to consider a law that would ban abortions based solely on a diagnosis of Down syndrome, one mother of a child with Down syndrome argued in an NBC op-ed Tuesday Mom of Daughter With Down Syndrome: OK to Abort Babies With it Because Their Care is Expensive.

However, many parents of children with Down syndrome and many of those living with the condition find this argument offensive and harmful.

Down Syndrome discrimination is being implemented by medical prescription based on genetic tests

In this sense, David Lejeune, president of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation USA affirmed that “A Down syndrome diagnosis can be unwanted news, bringing pain and fear for the future,” he said. “A woman carrying an unborn child with Down syndrome is often given worst-case scenarios about her child’s future quality of life and pressured to abort. However, caring for children with Down syndrome and advocating for the rights of the unborn are not mutually exclusive.” see HERE entire statement.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), who has a son with Down syndrome, also gave Townhall her response to Christensen’s op-ed. “The value of human life is a timeless principle we must always cherish,” she emphasized. “Becoming a parent and having a child is overwhelming no matter who you are.”

“You never know what challenges are ahead even if your child isn’t born with Down syndrome,” she pointed out. “But just because something is tough doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable or worthy of our protection.” She also said that her son, Cole, gave her “a whole new passion and purpose to be an ability advocate and empower every person to reach their full potential.”

“People with Down syndrome are living lives full of possibility and potential, and it’s their abilities that we should be focused on,” she added. “As warriors of human dignity and human value, we should be celebrating all that they have to offer.” see more HERE.

Our Observatory supports this response to the discrimination before birth that is suffering the SD collective.



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