The parents of Alfie Evans are celebrating the birth of their son – four months after they lost their firstborn to a rare degenerative disease.

Kate James, 20, gave birth to a little boy in August who has been named Thomas after his 21-year-old father and said to be ‘overjoyed’ with the youngster’s arrival.

Alfie Evans parents overjoyed but continue their fight for the respect of parents’ decision in the United Kingdom

The couple were told their newborn baby had a one in four chance of developing the same condition as Alfie – with Kate saying: “Everything he would do, I thought ‘he’s got it, he’s got it’.

They were in the press earlier this year as they fought a high-profile legal battle to take little Alfie to Rome for hospital treatment. But the 23-month-old toddler died on April 28 after a controversial court ruled for his life support to be switched off against the will of their parents and the opinion of specialists and bioethicists at an international level.

They continue their fight against United Kingdom law that allows Court overdrawing parents’ decision. In these four months, it showed relevant attainments. The more significant was an Open debate in the UK. Bioethicists and parents argue for a change in childcare law in the UK  and the Charter of rights of the incurable children.







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