The father’s age may determine genetic mutations in his children that do not pre-exist in him

It is nothing new to say that the father’s age [...]

Abortions have reached a historic low rate in the United States.The drop was especially pronounced among teenagers

American public opinion trend proves that the pro-life fight could win. See [...]

Sex disparity on a continental scale. Male-heavy generation in China and India

In China and India, men outnumber women by 70 million. [...]

Parental religious beliefs are associated with lower suicidal tendencies in offspring

Last August, an interesting article was published in JAMA Psychiatry that [...]

Romania joins countries that do not consider gay couples as marriage

Now Romania, along with Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia [...]

Gahna’s Parlamentaries rejects Commonweath pressures to legalize same sex marriage

British Prime Minister Theresa May urges to change Commonwealth countries [...]

Ovarian tissue preservation to delay childbearing in increasing

Childbearing delay new trend - Freeze your fertility The cryopreservation [...]

Mental health crisis in United Kingdom’s schools with worrying deliberate self-harm and suicide rates

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Nearly 1000 children born through surrogacy are registered in Spain each year

The Swiss-based International Social Security Association estimates that every year, [...]