Polygenic preimplantation genetic diagnosis: medicine or eugenics?

Polygenic preimplantation genetic diagnosis presents serious bioethical difficulties Nathan Treff [...]

Study proposes a novel method to predict risks of common diseases in pre-implantation embryos

Last month, a team of 16 researchers, led by Dr. [...]

Experts warn against unethical genetic embryo testing

Genetic embryo diagnosis tests called polygenic risk score (PRS) analysis, [...]

Ethical issues related to non-invasive prenatal genetic testing

Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing NIPT is a method that uses [...]

New possibilities increase the identification of fetal chromosomal anomalies

New possibilities open up in the study of the fetal [...]

Can a physician refuse to transfer an embryo with genetic abnormalities?

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine considers ethically acceptable for [...]

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